An introduction to Life Bible

Life Bible hopes to help and encourage you in your life. 

The text will mean something different to everyone, but I hope it will help and encourage you to try your best in what you think and what you do – both for yourself, towards others and the environment.

This can be difficult and it is hard work. However, you don’t just have one chance to get this right, it is about your intention to keep trying.

The text comes from many sources – some religious, some spiritual and some academic. There is therefore hopefully something for everyone. For the full list see this page.

This isn’t a fast-moving site, like a blog or news site. So you won’t miss anything if you don’t visit the page daily, and you won’t be interrupted with news feeds. The content is reviewed and added to, with more guidance and support for you.

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Your life that continues on is not just spiritual or otherworldly, but has links to life on earth too. Its power can be made present in the lives of ordinary people. Your lives are linked ethically – to ask for forgiveness for things you have done wrong; to seek not to do wrong in the present and future; and to actively try to do good and positive things now.

To do this is based around core elements of being humble, helping all others and being considerate of the natural environment. By doing to others as you would want done to you, you will be taking practical, positive steps towards your life that continues on.

What’s next?

Use the menu to navigate around key areas of daily life, dealing with worries and sorting out disagreements. Each page provides guidance, in addition to the next steps and links pages.

About Life Bible
Life is not separate from death, it only looks that way ~ Blackfoot proverb