Light in your Life – Next Steps

It may help for you to consider practical applications and scenarios of what leading a good life looks like. This page aims to summarise the main aspects of Life Bible, to guide you with some next steps when considering the light in your life.

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  • Keep your anger and insults towards others in check
  • Make up with those you have fallen out with – to get along you don’t have to agree on everything. Be content if you have sincerely tried, if your attempts to reconcile are dismissed, rather than seeking private vengeance or retaliation.
  • Try to keep a clear mind, rather than being distracted by thoughts on your personal wants and lusts, for example about people and possessions.
  • Work to keep relationships together -aim for ungrudging generosity, and do to others as you would want done to you
  • Aim for compassion, kindness and mercy
  • Give to good causes in private, and pray or meditate on forgiveness, thanks and doing right


What do you think of the questions below?

  • Do you ever find yourself facing a situation in which following the light in your life looks like the most difficult way? What are your options to do so? What do your friends or peers think?
  • When you look around, do you see, hear or feel things that have gone unnoticed?
  • What does freedom mean to you? What is freedom in terms of leading a good life?
  • Have difficult circumstances in your life taught or shown you anything? For instance, have any life events turned out unexpectedly well?
  • Should life always be easy?
  • Do you have hope?
  • If something concerns you, do these thoughts linger, or can you let them go?
  • How do you feel if you aren’t in control of things?
  • What does praying mean to you?
  • Consider your possessions – how do you feel about them? Do they all make you happy? But do you feel pressure to buy things?
  • What are your priorities, and so what is of true value to you?
  • If someone does something wrong or makes a mistake – how do you feel? Do you feel angry, or do you feel sorry for them?
  • Why should relationships be taken seriously? Is there pressure to be in a relationship?
  • Can you keep your cool in an argument, or do you get emphatic?
  • Are you able to handle anger peacefully?
  • What sort of temptations do you face?
  • What assumptions do you make, rather than seeking facts?
  • Do you have good health and well-being, and so do you think of those who don’t?
  • What do you think of children and young people?
  • What part are you playing in life, and therefore how do you spend your time?
  • Are you afraid of dying?
  • What does authenticity mean to you, and therefore what do your words and actions show?
  • Consider any bad decisions or things that have happened to you – could you have done anything differently?
  • What is your image and reaction when you think of someone who is sick, or homeless, or hungry, or imprisoned?

Statements around Light in your Life

What do you think of the statements below?

  • Actions, music, messages, etc. can touch people – they may then feel supported, or even motivated themselves. You may never know if it has happened though.
  • Everyone has a name and a story – even those society would consider to be lost causes or different.
  • There are many spiritual routes to take.
  • Being peaceful doesn’t mean being walked over
  • Taking an unpopular stance doesn’t always mean it is wrong
  • Worrying doesn’t make a difference
  • Worship can take the form of appreciating a sunset (for example) – it is not something that only happens in a religious building
  • Fairness means we all get the same result in the end
  • Not agreeing with someone about something doesn’t mean you can’t still get along with them

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